Monday, July 2, 2007

Painted Pony #10 "Luna"

Luna is a gorgeous pony painted in several shades of rich blue. I have painted a Luna Moth among Moonflowers on each side. Moonflowers open at night so that moths may pollenate them. On the base I have painted a crescent moon and stars. I have also added a little apoxie scultpt to the mane, forelock and tail for a real customized look. Many, many hours of work are put into this and all my ponies. When I was finished adding to this pony's mane and tail I had a little clay left over so I made a crescent moon pin. All handmade and painted. Clasp and artist's signature on back. Signed, dated and numbered. This was sold to a private collector.


Laura said...

Hey Jen,
Your art is great. I especially like this one. Andrew told me yesterday how he got a kick out of Zoe asking if he was coming to visit when she was told Pop-Pop was coming. Hope things are going well and that you are enjoying your new home!
Laura Seiverling

Anonymous said...

Wow, what beautiful "painted ponies" You can see that you have a true love for that majestic animal... Thank you for stopping by my blog, Yes Once is a WONDERFUL movie... I see we have the same taste in movies... I also LOVEd Amelie.... Hugs and thanks for stopping by... MO