Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mimbres Animal Dance

My newest Painted Pony, now on ebay. Click here for auction.

On a recent trip to Cooperstown, NY we went to the Fenimore Art Museum. As we desended the main staircase, I nearly fell over because at the bottom was an original, life-sized Painted Pony, Thunderbolt Colt.

I couldn't believe how beautiful this Pony looked in person. The other wondeful thing about this museum is their large collection on Native American art. One of the pieces that struck me was a Mimbres hand painted bowl. I knew there was a Painted Pony brewing in my heard after seeing that wonderful design.

So here is my newest Pony, Mimbres Animal Dance. Inspired by the designs I've researched from the Mimbres culture. Not much is known about these people but they left behind some amazing pottery.


Mimbres bowl at the Fenimore Art Museum.

Original Lightning Bolt Colt


Val said...

Thank you for following my blog.

I love the painted ponies and have a small collection. It is not lost on me that your latest pony looks like Harley!

Spiritartartist said...

Love your newest "Animal Spirits" pony Jen!!